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Following his studies in Rome, Rémy CAMOIN obtained his diploma in Architecture from the École des Beaux-Arts of Paris. Later, he was awarded the Delano Aldrich Emerson Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in Washington DC, which allowed him to start his career in the United States.

During his time in the US, he was member of notable architectural firms in Miami such as Architectonica and participated in the realization of the Museum of Tolerance - Simon Wiesenthal in California for Maxwell Strakman. Rémy CAMOIN also worked in the studio of Franck O. Gehry, today considered one of the most important contemporary architects.

He participated in the post-modern avant-garde movement with the realisation of Walt Disney's projects in California and was then sent to Paris to develop Disneyland Paris, where he designed the theme park’s main hotel and the residential golf course resort.

In 2000, Rémy CAMOIN opened his own studio, Aurelia Design & Partners, and began his long career as an architect and interior designer in the hospitality and urban planning sectors. He has been commissioned by major hotel groups such as Westin Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Group and Club Méditerranée to develop and renovate luxury resorts around the world.

Currently, Rémy CAMOIN's studio, based in Rome, works on the interior design of luxury private residences and boutique hotels, mainly in Europe, but also provides consultant advices on new constructions and real estate developments abroad to corporate companies and non-profit organisations.



Architecture & Planning

Design Destination is the vision that Rémy CAMOIN conveys in his architectural concepts to succeed in generating an unique living experience


Interior Design

The studio's philosophy is centered on creating a refined atmosphere that celebrates elegance and warmth while providing a timeless backdrop for an ever-changing modern culture


Art & Estate Consulting

Thanks to his experience in the art and real estate development fields, Rémy CAMOIN also provides advisory services to clients in their art and property acquisitions


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